Effast ABS Pipe Fittings

EFFAST ABS Pipe Fittings

ABS is highly rated as thermoplastic pipework system and is used in many applications such as food and beverage processing as well as water and sewerage treatment and many other industries. ABS has good chemical resistance with high impact strength. ABS is non toxic and conforms to the toxicological requirements of the British Plastic Federation, British Industrial Biological Research Association Code of Practice forfood usage 45/5. It also fulfils the EEC requirements for plastic materials in contact with foodstuffs. ABS systems are lightweight, rigid and easy to install using a solvent cement.

ABS Applications
- Water supply - potable water for apartments, offices, commercial
- Air conditioning
- Commercial and industrial uses - low temperature brine - chilled water, refrigerants - water treatment - process water - foodstuffs and beverages - industrial process handling subject to chemical resistance

Systems Include
- Pipe - Imperial 3/8" to 8"
- Fittings - Sockets, elbows, tees, flanges, unions and reducers
- Valves - Ball valves, check valves and air release valves.

Range Features
- Extensive range of pipes, fittings and valves - suitable for wide range of commercial and industrial installations
- Adaptors to other materials - can be joined to existing traditional systems
- All socket fittings - no additional connectors required
- Solvent cement jointing - no hot work or naked flames
- WRAS approved - suitable foruse with potable water
- Lightweight - easy to transport and handle
- Excellent corrosion resistance - paint maintenance not required
- Excellent chemical resistance - PVCu can be used to convey a wide rangeof chemical solutions
- Smooth internal pipe surface - excellent scale resistance and flow properties