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Flamco: High-Performance HVAC Components for Diverse Applications

Flamco, established in 1956, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality components for heating, cooling, and hot water systems in buildings. Their extensive product portfolio includes:

  • Pressure Control: Expansion vessels, refill automats, safety valves, and pressure gauges for maintaining optimal pressure within systems.
  • Water Management: Storage vessels, boilers, and expansion vessels for efficient hot water supply.
  • Flow Optimization: Deaeration and dirt separator equipment to remove air bubbles and impurities, improving system performance.
  • Solar Energy Integration: Fittings, mounting materials, and valves for seamless integration of solar thermal systems.
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure: Connection groups, appendages, hanging pipes, and other accessories for complete system installation.

Flamco products cater to a variety of applications across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Their focus on quality, reliability, and efficiency makes them a trusted partner for ensuring thermal comfort and optimized system performance.

Flamco FAQs

What does Flamco do?

Flamco, part of the Aalberts group, designs and manufactures high-quality components for heating, cooling, and hot water systems in buildings.

What types of products does Flamco offer?

Flamco's product portfolio covers a wide range of categories, including:

- Pressure control: expansion vessels, refill automats, safety valves, pressure gauges.
- Water management: storage vessels, boilers, expansion vessels for hot water.
- Flow optimization: deaerators, dirt separators.
- Solar energy integration: fittings, mounting materials, valves for solar thermal systems.
- Comprehensive infrastructure: connection groups, appendages, hanging pipes, and other accessories.

What materials are Flamco's products made of?

Flamco uses various materials depending on the product and its intended application, including brass, stainless steel, plastic, and composite materials.