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Collister and Glover (ColGlo) are a leading Heating, Plumbing & Engineers Merchants based in Deeside, North Wales. The company have a main depot in Deeside and a branch site in Bangor, Gwynedd. Founded in 1977, Colglo boast a wealth of experience and expertise in all the engineering disciplines. Colglo only supply products that comply with their strict standards of quality assurance.

The ColGlo product range covers over 70,000 items including a wide range of industry leading brands. We supply pipe, valves and pipe fittings in brass, copper, iron and steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, ABS Plastic and PVC. To complement these we also stock traps, flanges, couplings, expansion bellows, pipe insulation and domestic taps.

We are the largest independent supplier of Polypipe under floor heating in the UK.

We stock pumps for heating and cooling circulation, boreholes, domestic and industrial water supply, ground drainage, ponds, garden irrigation and swimming pools as well as water filtration units, gauges and water meters.

We are major suppliers of TracPipe flexible gas pipe, Hayward pipeline strainers, Darcy spill care, Rustoleum Paints and Rems Tools together with a huge range of ancillaries and extras.

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