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TracPipe Fittings

TracPipe is a corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) designed for gas applications. Its key features include:

  • Material: Corrugated stainless steel for flexibility and durability.
  • Protective Jacket: Yellow polyethylene jacket for UV and chemical resistance, and physical protection.
  • Codes and Approvals: Certified for use in North America, Europe, and Australia according to national and local codes.
  • Safety: Provides a leak-resistant and explosion-resistant gas piping solution by:
    • Adapting to building layout changes and seismic activity.
    • Featuring an auto-shutoff valve that stops gas flow in case of tubing failure.
  • Ease of Installation: Popular among contractors, builders, and homeowners due to:
    • Lightweight and flexible design for easy handling and routing.
    • Quick and simple installation without special tools or equipment.

TracPipe offers a reliable and convenient gas piping solution for various applications. Its combination of flexibility, durability, safety, and ease of installation makes it a preferred choice for many projects.

Tracpipe FAQs

What is TracPipe?

TracPipe is a corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) designed for use in residential and commercial gas piping applications. It offers flexibility, durability, and ease of installation compared to traditional rigid steel pipes.

What are the benefits of using TracPipe?

Key benefits include:

- Flexibility: Easy to bend and route around obstacles, simplifying installation in tight spaces.
- Durability: Corrugated stainless steel resists corrosion, cracks, and punctures, ensuring long-term reliability.
- Safety: Features an automatic shutoff valve for immediate gas flow stoppage in case of tubing failure.
- Ease of Installation: Lightweight and requires minimal specialized tools, making installation faster and less labor-intensive.
- Code-Compliance: Certified for use in North America, Europe, and Australia according to relevant codes and standards.

What materials is TracPipe made of?

The core tubing is high-quality, 304L corrugated stainless steel for strength and flexibility. It's further protected by a yellow, polyethylene jacket for UV resistance, chemical protection, and physical damage mitigation.

What sizes are available in the TracPipe range?

TracPipe comes in sizes ranging from 12mm to 108mm to cater to various gas supply needs.

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