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Understanding UV Water Treatment Systems: A Guide to Safe Water Purification

Dive into the science behind these systems that harness the power of ultraviolet light to ensure bacteria-free water, making it a crucial choice for clean drinking water and beyond. From their applications in various industries to their advantages and drawbacks, we explore how UV water treatment stands out in the realm of water purification.

UV water treatments systems

What is a UV Water Treatment System?

Ultraviolet water treatment systems (UV sterilisers) kill bacteria in water. They are often used to ensure safe drinking water from wells, springs, and borehole water supplies. Due to increased legislation are now regularly used in food and drink-related industries.

Microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and cysts are all around us naturally. Many are harmless but exposure to “bad” ones can cause severe illness, particularly in the elderly and very young. There is a wide variety of water treatment products available to improve taste, clarity, scale etc but none of these are designed to combat bacteria. Ultraviolet water treatment is one of the safest ways to disinfect water as the UV rays are a natural component of sunlight. No chemicals are added so there is no danger of overdosing or creating a bad taste.

Where is a UV Water Treatment System Used/ Real World Applications?

Water is being used for practically everything therefore ultraviolet water purification can be applied to a vast number of diverse applications. Water treatment professionals have used ultraviolet water disinfection for over 60 years and the technology is steadily advancing. UV offers very economical and environmentally friendly water disinfection solutions for the following applications:

-Swimming pools UV systems

-Drinking water UV Disinfection

-Fish Farming and Aquaculture UV systems

-Beverage & Bottled Water UV systems

-Liquid Sugar UV Systems

Why should you use a UV Water Treatment System compared to other methods?

1. UV water filters are reliable, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you are safe and your water is bacteria-free!

2. UV water filters come out on top regarding cost, labour and user-friendly operation compared to alternative water disinfection solutions.

3. UV water filters provide a chemical-free water treatment solution. This process doesn’t add anything to your water, it only physically attacks the structure of bacteria within your water.

4. UV water filters don’t contain any chemically active elements, nor use heat for treatment. This makes them very safe to use.

Advantages and disadvantages of UV water purifiers



UV water purifiers are cost-effective, and the bulb makes use of about 60 watts of power only. This is equivalent to that used by a normal light bulb.


Another benefit of these systems is that they do not make use of any chemicals and thus the taste and colour of the water are unaltered.


The process of getting water from these systems is simple. Most of them come with inbuilt taps and all you need to do is to turn on the electricity supply and turn the knob off the tap to get fresh water. The purification process is fast and thus you get water instantly.



UV water purifiers remove a lot of impurities but do not work on a few. For example, they do kill bacteria and viruses but are not effective on dissolved impurities such as rust, pesticides, fluoride, arsenic etc. Moreover, these purifiers are not effective in muddy water as well.


One of the major disadvantages of UV water purifiers is that they do not have the option of installing a storage tank. This means that consumers must fill water in external bottles since no other option is provided for the same.


Another negative associated with them is that there is no UV light shutoff. This means that since UV light is invisible, one is unable to know whether the appliance is working or not. If the purifier stops working due to some reason, then you won’t be notified of the same. You may thus end up consuming impure water.

What do we sell?

-SS-i Ultraviolet System


15 Watt- Max 9.5 ltr/min -¾”

30 Watt- Max 23 ltr/min -¾”

55 Watt- 37 ltr/min- ¾”

75 Watt- Max 117 ltr/min -1.5”

75 Watt- Max 152 ltr/min -1.5”

75 Watt- Max 60 ltr/min -1”

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