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Snug Underfloor Heating

At Collister and Glover, we proudly offer the services of Snug, a renowned and acclaimed provider of underfloor heating solutions.

Underfloor heating made easy

Our collaboration with Snug extends to builders, plumbers, merchants, and homeowners, as Snug holds a prominent position as a specialist in both water and electric underfloor heating solutions in the UK. Their expertise in creating comfortable environments is evident.

With nearly three decades of being a family-run establishment, we are a team of approachable technical professionals committed to innovative and user-friendly systems, accompanied by exceptional and unwavering customer assistance.

Water underfloor heating

Highly effective water-based solutions suitable for diverse applications.

Our range encompasses six incredibly versatile water underfloor heating systems, offering unparalleled efficiency in heating a wide array of environments. Our economical screed systems prove advantageous for new constructions and extensions, while our discreet low-profile pipes are tailor-made for renovations and upper-level rooms. These solutions also synergize seamlessly with cutting-edge heat pumps.

There are 3 different types of water underfloor heating systems to choose from:

Snug Screed Systems -

The Snug underfloor heating systems designed for screed applications are a perfect match for new constructions and extensions that involve laying a concrete screed. Undoubtedly, these systems provide optimal performance, presenting the most cost-efficient and effective choice available. Furthermore, they serve as an excellent accompaniment to sustainable heat sources such as heat pumps.

Snug Low-Profile Systems -

The top-selling system, serving as an ideal remedy for renovations or retrofitting needs. With a mere 18mm depth requirement and the absence of any necessity for supplementary leveling compounds, this solution brings forth efficiency in terms of time, expenses, and preserving floor elevation. This comprehensive system includes user-friendly low-profile board configurations, along with standard pipe laying plans, contributing to a more seamless and expedited installation process.

Snug Suspended Floor Systems -

Crafted to cater specifically to properties with joists, whether situated in a basement, on the ground floor, or higher levels, and showcasing the advantage of eliminating the necessity for a screed or damp-proof membrane.

Snug Suspended Floor Systems offer versatility to accommodate varying joist spacing, they also provide an excellent chance to introduce underfloor heating to upper floors during renovations, particularly when the joists are accessible from below.

Electric underfloor heating

Offering remarkable versatility and rapid heat-up capabilities, Snug's flexible electric systems are designed to lay flat seamlessly. If you're seeking hassle-free installation of electric underfloor heating, this range has you covered.

Incorporating adhesive-backed mats that ensure stability and flexibility, even in challenging areas, Snug systems deliver comforting warmth beneath various surfaces like stone, marble, carpet, wood, and tiles. These systems are particularly well-suited for bathrooms, delivering coziness within minutes, and they come with the added assurance of a lifetime cable warranty.

Underfloor heating thermostats

Embrace the future of heating control with our next-generation tech, designed to offer you unparalleled mastery over your heating experience.

This range includes sleek touch screens and smart Wi-Fi-enabled controls that not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also provide intuitive usability. From straightforward functionality to advanced wireless capabilities accessible right from your smartphone. No matter your choice, these thermostats seamlessly manage your Snug system, ensuring efficient operation that minimises costs while maintaining a warm and inviting environment.

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