Installing floor heating provides a variety of new possibilities for homeowners, especially the flexibility for interior design. Polyplumb floor heating eliminates the need for radiators and offers freedom of room design. No radiators mean more useable wall space, and installations are ideal for rooms where space is already limited, e.g. conservatories, loft conversions, and bathrooms. Water underfloor heating eliminates the need for regular radiator maintenance and the need to remove radiators to paint the walls.Polyplumb underfloor heating can be installed alongside your existing central heating system and is known as a 'wet system'. Warm water from your existing boiler can be used to circulate through new pipework installed under your floor. Wet system installations are considered to be more economical to run than electrical underfloor systems.

How Polypipe Underfloor heating works

Underfloor heating can add value to a home and also help save money on energy bills. So, whether you are planning to sell or live in your new home, installing underfloor heating is an excellent choice to warm up your house. There is a large choice of Solid, Laminate Floating, Suspended, Modular Heating Panels or Overlay™ underfloor heating systems.

Whether you are renovating all of your home floors, or just a single room, the selection of underfloor heating products offers flexibility to find a system that is right for you.

Polypipe underfloor heating systems integrate easily with your existing heating system, and work well with new and existing floor constructions. The Modular Heating Panels are particularly effective for use in the upper floors of renovated projects.

Whether you are adding a new room, such as an extension or conservatory, converting a loft, or installing a new kitchen or bathroom, incorporating underfloor heating is both practical and easy.If your project is one where you do not need to disturb the existing floor structure, use either of the Overlay™ or Overlay™ Lite systems to create a warm floor.

How do radiators work with underfloor heating?

Polyplumb Underfloor Heating