Yorkshire Xpress Stainless Steel Tube SS610 and SS620

Yorkshire Xpress SS620 and SS610 Stainless Steel Tube 316 System 1.4401

Yorkshire VSH XPRESS range of stainless steel pipe for use with 316 444 and 304 stainless steel fittings.
VSH XPress is a Pegler Yorkshire press-fit system that provides a large range of pipe and fittings that can be used in building services. 
Easy, quick joints that are well priced and very reliable.

Applications include
- Potable water
- Use where water quality and hygiene are crucial
- Pharmaceutical and health care environments
- Food processing
- Chilled Water Services
- Sprinkler Systems

- Wide range of pipe available, excellent for many applications
- Can be used for water purified by Reverse Osmosis
- Each fitting has a marked insertion depth
- Each fitting shows information on material and dimension
- Temperature Range from -35°C to 135°C
- Pressure rated to 16 bar across the whole temperature range
- Wide range of  approvals
- Heat free joints

Please note:
6 metre and 3 metre Xpress Tube Prices are based on collection from our depot
Carriage costs will be applicable for delivered orders.
To check delivery costs, please call our Sales Office on: 01244 288000 or you can request a quote