Yorkshire Xpress Stainless Steel Press Fit Fittings

Yorkshire Xpress Stainless Steel Press Fit Fittings. The range incorporates both stainless steel press-fit fittings and stainless steel 316 System tube. Designed for potable water applications where water quality and hygiene are crucial, particularly in the food, pharmaceutical and health care industries, XPress Stainless is available in sizes from 15mm to 108mm.
XPress Stainless fittings are manufactured from 316 (BS 316S31/DIN 1.4401) or 316Ti (BS 320S31/DIN 1.4571) stainless steel and have black EPDM ‘O’ rings.

XPress Stainless fittings specification
"Press-fit fittings shall be of stainless steel material to BS 316 S31/Din 1.4401 and certified by WRAS and DVGW, capable of operating between -20°C and 110°C and rated 16 bar throughout the temperature range. Available in sizes 15mm to 108mm they will be suitable for use with stainless steel 316 System tube from Yorkshire Fittings Limited or other stainless steel tube to BS 4127 or DVGW W541 on potable water services, general hot and cold water applications, heating, chilled waterand low temperature hot water. They will provide electrical continuity, have a guarantee of 25 years against all manufacturing defects, and be drawn from the XPress Stainless range from Yorkshire Fittings Limited".