Yorkshire Xpress Stainless SS21S Obtuse Press Fit Street Elbow

Xpress Stainless SS21S Obtuse Press Fit Street Elbow

XPress Stainless fittings are manufactured from 316 (BS 316S31/DIN 1.4401) or 316Ti (BS 320S31/DIN 1.4571) stainless steel and have black EPDM ‘O’ rings.

Min. temperature and pressure -35ºC 16bar - Max. temperature and pressure 135ºC 16bar (12mm - 108mm)

    • Wide range of tubing available, ensuring the perfect solution for every application

    • Can be used for water purified by Reverse Osmosis

    • Pre-marked insertion depth provides and additional time saving

    • Clear identification on fitting of material and dimension

    • Temperature Rating from -35°C to 135°C (12mm-108mm)

    • Pressure rating 16 bar across the temperature range

    • Unique Leak Before Press feature ensure any unpressed fittings are identified upon testing

    • Wide range of British and International approvals

    • Rapid jointing technique ensures time and labour saving compared to traditional jointing methods

    • Heat free jointing – no hot works permits or insurance required

Applications Include

    • Hot and cold water

    • Chilled water services

    • Fire protection

    • Sprinkler systems

    • Pharmaceutical and health care environments

Xpress Stainless Fitting Features 

    • Fittings are manufactured from 316L stainless steel

    • Tube is manufactured from 316 stainless steel

    • Available in sizes 12mm to 108mm

    • Leak Before Press

    • Clean, heat free jointing

    • Safety - no naked flames, no hotwork permits or costly insurance

    • Socket Depth Marking on popular drum ended fittings