Yorkshire Xpress Gas Fittings

Yorkshire Xpress Gas Fittings

All fittings have Kitemark approval to BS 8537:2010 provided the copper tube is specified to BS EN 1057.

Also, as part of the BSI/DVGW testing and approvals process XPress Gas fittings have surpassed the high temperature leakage test for 30 mins at a temperature of 650°C. When coupled with copper tube to BS EN 1057 all XPress Gas fittings have a minimum operating temperature range of between -20 and 70°C. Indoors the maximum working pressure is 1bar and outside is 5bar. The maximum test pressure is 7.5bar. here is a yellow mark on the outside of every fitting that indicates it is Gas/PN5 GT1.

Manufactured from copper or copper alloy the XPress Copper Gas range are utilise yellow HNBR (Hydrogenated Acrylonitrite Butadiene Rubber) O rings. They are available in sizes from 12 to 108mm. The fittings are designed to be used with BS EN 1057 copper tube for internal and external applications.

  • -20°C to 110°C Temperature Range

  • Kitemark approval for all fitting sizes

  • Has British & International approval

  • Chrome plated pipe and joints are available where required

  • A 16 bar Pressure rating.

  • All insecure joints can be recognised when being tested

  • Fast joint procedures save on work time & labour