Yorkshire Xpress Fittings

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Yorkshire Xpress Copper

For Hot and cold water, central heating and chilled water.

A fast press fit solution for domestic, commercial and industrial use, XPress Copper gives a high-performance heat-free installation. All copper fittings in sizes from 12mm to 108mm are BSI Kitemark approved (BS 8537:2010)
The range has a temperature rating from -20°C to 110°C and a pressure rating of 16 bar
A chrome plated range (CP) is also available where the joint and pipe appearance is important

Yorkshire Xpress Gas Fittings

Manufactured to BS8537 - All 15mm to 28mm sizes are approved to the new standard for gas and water. Applications above ground for second and third family gas service pipelines.
Xpress copper fittings in sizes from 12mm to 108mm are also gas approved to BSI Kitemark approved (BS 8537:2010)
The fittings have a temperature rating from -20°C to 70°C and a maximum working pressure inside of 1 bar, and outside of 5 bar
There is a HNBR (Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) yellow 'o' ring together with clear marking on the exterior of the fitting to ensure identification of all the system components

Suitable for joining copper tube to BS EN 1057  half hard and hard tube.
When used as a complete system Xpress, Kuterlon and Yorkex there is a guarantee of 30 years against all manufacturing defects.

Yorkshire Xpress Stainless Steel

XPress Stainless gives the benefits of the XPress fitting with exceptional water quality and hygiene.
Designed to be used with Potable water, Pharmaceutical and health care environments, Food processing, Purified water, Chilled Water Services and Sprinkler Systems.
Each fitting is clearly marked with the material type and dimension together with a visible insertion depth marker.
Each 12mm - 108mm fitting has a temperature Rating of -35°C to 135°C and a pressure rating of 16 bar across the whole temperature range.

As with the other Xpress Ranges the rapid heat-free joining techniques save on time and labour compared to traditional methods.
Heat free jointing – no hot works permits or insurance required.

Xpress Carbon Fittings

Efficient insulation characteristics mean these fittings are commonly installed in closed circuit heating, sprinkler systems, chilled water services and oil free compressed air.

They have a temperature Rating of -35°C to 135°C and a pressure rating of 16 bar across the temperature range.
If combined with Yorkshire SC645 galvanised sprinkler tube, XPress Carbon is suitable for fire protection applications.
Pre-marked insertion depth on all fittings as well as a clear identification mark on each.

XPress Stainless Gas

For Gas where high levels of hydrogen sulphide mean copper is not an option, Xpress Stainless Gas fittings are the solution. Available in sizes from 15mm-108mm.
With a range of British and International Approvals these fittings are specific to above ground second and third family gas service pipelines with high levels of hydrogen sulphide. They have a temperature rating of -20°C to 70°C maximum working pressure if installed inside of 1 bar and up to 5 bar if used outside. There is an HNBR yellow 'o' ring prominent marking on the outside of every fitting.