Yorkshire Xpress Carbon Steel Press Fit Fittings

Yorkshire Xpress Carbon is a Press Fit fitting, which is jointed through the use of compression to form a seal. To do so, the use of a press-fit joint tool will be needed to help make a secure seal. The benefit of this in practice makes for a faster and more secure seal at a cost-effective price when compared to capillary or screwed steel jointing. Xpress Carbon is also suited for both hot and cold water applications.

XPress Carbon Systems also offers other benefits. Machine threading is not needed along with less expense on jointing compounds due to the jointing method. Because of this, no Hot Works Permits will be needed for the fitting. Which also reduce workload and expenses on the permits. As the jointing method makes no use of any additional materials or adhesives joints will be cleaner, which means an absence of flux residue making the flushing process much simpler. XPress Carbon Systems are offered with guarantees of 10 years.

XPress Carbon fittings specification

  • Carbon steel in sizes from 15mm to 108mm.
  • Operating between -20°C and 110°C, rated 16 bar
  • Suitable for use on vented, unvented closed-circuit heating and chilled water applications, with galvanised or plastic-coated carbon steel System.
  • Tube to DIN 2394/NEN 1982 or other carbon steel tube to DIN 2394/NEN 1982.
  • They will provide electrical continuity,
  • Guarantee of 5 years against all manufacturing defects and be drawn from the XPress Carbon range from Yorkshire Fittings Limited.