Yorkshire XPress Press Fit Copper Fittings

Developed by Yorkshire Fittings to deliver major cost saving benefits by improving the jointing process and significantly reducing installation times, particularly on large size applications.

XPress Copper is a completely heat free jointing system for copper pipe and tube. It requires no soldering, adhesives, compounds, gas or any on site hot work

It is used  for hot and cold water services, closed circuit heating, chilled water and oil-free compressed air applications, and incorporates a unique design to identify unpressed or leaking joints.
Available in 12mm-108mm sizes

XPress Press Fit fittings provide a solid leak free joint by using pressure from a press-fit tool such as a REMS Pressing Machine; a purpose designed ‘O’ ring provides a secure seal.
The Xpress Copper range now have a Leak Before Press (LBP) feature, meaning that any assembled joints inadvertently left un-pressed will exhibit a leak during system testing. This enables installers to easily identify any un-pressed fittings before commissioning.

The jointing mechanism is heat free as it relies on pressure to form the seal. This is one of the major benefits of all the Pegler XPress Press Fit Systems, as it has no hot work restrictions when being installed - eliminating the possibility of flame damage.

These fittings are used for :-
    Domestic Installations
    Multi occupancy buildings such as flats
    Commercial Installations
    Public utility


Manufactured from copper alloy
Electrical continuity assured when XPress joint complete
Wide range of approvals
Temperature rating from -24°C to 110°C
Pressure rated to 16bar throughout the temperature range.

We also stock Xpress fitttings in stainless steel, carbon steel and Xpress gas, all available in large sizes.