Yorkshire Tectite Sprint Reducing Tee

Yorkshire Tectite Sprint Reducing Tee

For use on hot and cold water services, heating and chilled water applications and low temperature hot water services.
They are manufactured from DZR Brass and offer increased mechanical strength.
Yorkshire Tectite Sprint Couplings are compatible with Copper Tube to EN 1057, Polybutylene to BS 7291-2 and P-EX pipe to BS 7291-3.

Manufactured in accordance with EN 1254-2. WRAS approved.

Pressure and Temperature

Tectite FittingTube/pipe used withMin temperature  Max temperature
SprintCopper-24°C* at 20bar30°C at 20bar65°C at 16bar114°C at 10bar
SprintPB/PEX-20°C* at 12bar20°C at 12bar65°C at 6bar92°C at 3bar

Material Specification

'O' RingEDPM
Pipe GuideGlass Filled Nylon 6
Protection RingNylon
Grab RingStainless Steel