Vulcathene 92.5 Degree Loose Nut Swept Bends

Vulcathene 92.5 Degree Loose Nut Swept Bends

One end has the standard nut and olive connection whilst the other has a captive nut for connection to threaded units.

Cat. No.        W291        W292         W293         W294
Nom. Size      38mm         51mm         76mm         102mm
A                   54mm         64mm         87mm         104mm
B                   65mm         93mm         136mm       167mm
gms               68              109            338             613
Prod Code       V1029101   V1029201   V1029301    V1029401

Manufacturer Durapipe
Material Black co-polymer PP
Standards Manufactured to ISO 9001
Approvals BBA 19/5644
Operating Temperature -20°C to 100°C