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Verder Pumps

Verderair double diaphragm pumps from Verder provide a reliable and flexible pump solution capable of handling a variety of abrasive and corrosive media including the ATEX-approved range. The Verderair sealless air diaphragm pump range is capable of handling a variety of liquids, such as:
* thin and viscous liquids
* chemicals
* sludges and slurries.
Verderair air diaphragm pumps are self-priming, can run dry (closed valve operation) and are self-regulating. They can achieve flows of up to 1000 lpm and heads up to 8bar. Your safety is assured because the pumps, including the non-metallic range, have all reached stringent ATEX standards. Verderair air diaphragm pump applications include brewing, paint, chemical and automotive industries. Verder Air Pumps Website

Working principle

Air operated diaphragm pumps are reciprocating pumps where the working elements are flexible diaphragms. The drive is by means of compressed air acting directly upon the diaphragm. Another possibility is hydraulic drive instead of compressed air. The design uses at least two valves, one on the discharge and one on the suction side. Several types of valves are used, the most popular valves are flap, cylindrical and ball valves.

Why use Air operated double diaphragm pumps?

Leak-free operation

Air operated diaphragm pumps are leak-free since they have no plungers or piston rods, which pass through the pressure boundary. Leakage can occur if the diaphragm breaks. It is therefore necessary to replace the diaphragms in the course of preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns. If necessary, double diaphragms can be placed with rupture detection systems on the primary diaphragm.

Variable flow

By adjusting the air supply the double diaphragm pump provides variable flow and discharge pressures of up to 870 kPa. The compressed air can be used to balance liquid pressure and give high discharge capability. A single pump can provide a broad spectrum of pumping capabilities from a few litres to up to 1,060 l/min.

Dry-running capabilities

Air operated double diaphragm pumps are designed to run dry indefinitely without damage and are self-priming from a dry start. The aodd pump can also run completely submerged or installed with flooded suction. No packing glands are needed and there are no close-fitting, sliding or rotating parts to maintain.


As flow and discharge of the air operated diaphragm pump is infinitely variable one pump can be used for an extremely wide range of applications.

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