Ball Gate Radiator Mixing Safety Regulating Check Drain Vent Float and Strainers

* Ball Valves, Lever, Screwdriver & Thumbturn operated.
* Gate Valves, Stop Cocks, Bib Taps & Drain Cocks.
* Swing, Single, Double & Spring Loaded Check Valves
* Belmont & Terrier Radiator Valves
* Double Regulating & Commissioning Valves
* Relief & Safety Valves
* Air Cocks, Air Vents, Flamco Air vents
* Ball Float Ballcock Valves
* In Line and Y Type Strainers
* Thermostatic Mixing Valves & Disinfection Unoits

With BSP & Compression connections for Copper Tube for use on Gas, Water, Oil, Air and General Fluids