Valves and Steam

In this section -
Philmac Plastic Valves for MDPE and alkathene pipe.
Effast Valves online in ABS and PVC together
Gresswell Stainless Steel Safety Relief Valves - side outlet discharge with leak proof dome top.
Stainless Steel Suction Strainer suitable for suction applications
KTM Stainless Steel 2-Way and 3-way ball Valves
NABIC Safety Valves - the recognised industry standard for commercial and industrial hot water applications.
Ball Float Valves. Copper and Plastic Ball Float Valves for low and high pressure. Comply to BS1212
Pegler BelmontRadiator Valves, Brass & Bronze Gate and Ball Valves
Cast / Ductile Iron Valves & Strainers including Aquagas Gate Valves, and Swing Check Valves
TA Regulating Valves, Spirax Sarco and TLV