Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Units

A range of Ultra Violet water disinfection systems.
UV disinfection technology is widely used around the world to ensure safe water free from bacteria without the use of chlorine or other unpleasant chemicals, eliminating the risk of overdosing or imparting bad taste.

The SS range of ultra violet systems all utilise low pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps to produce ultra violet light at the 254 nm wavelength (UVC) which is lethal to micro-organisms. The stainless steel chamber incorporates a high purity quartz sleeve around the lamp. As water passes through the chamber, UVC light penetrates and destroys the cell structure of micro-organisms in the water.

Installation is simple, and once fitted, the system requires no attention and only periodic maintenance. Due to efficient design and the use of high quality components, running costs are extremely low, and the lamp requires only annual replacement.

The chamber is manufactured from hygienic 316L grade stainless steel ensuring strength, reliability and efficient hydraulic operation.