Tracpipe Flexible Master Reel Gas Pipe Full Coils

We are a leading UK TracPipe supplier.  TracPipe ® is a gas pipe made from flexible stainless steel to BS 7838 suitable for natural gas, propane or butane installation

TracPipe master coils can be used for gas piping systems in houses, flats and apartments, as well as schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings.
TracPipe ® is available on long length master reels, in seven bore sizes (DN 12,15,22,28,32,40 & 50) and terminates with TracPipe Autoflare Fittings

Note on Tape Wrapping: Care must be taken to ensure that no stainless steel pipe is visible. Any portions of exposed stainless steel behind the fitting nut shall be wrapped with self-bonding TracPipe Silicone TapeTracPipe P/N FGP-915-10H-12, (25 mm wide), or FGP-915-20H12PO, (50 mm wide). This will reduce the possibility of later corrosive attack.

TracPipe gas pipe and TracPipe gas pipe fittings should only be installed by Gas Safe registered engineers
When deciding on the correct size of Tracpipe gas installation pipework, it is recommended practice to allow a maximum design pressure loss between the point of supply and the appliance connection points.

      • No soldering or welding needed.
      • Quick Easy & Safe.
      • Tracpipe can be pulled through small spaces just like electrical wire.
      • Cut to length with a standard Tracpipe stainless steel tube cutter.
      • No pipe threading or pipe welding is neccessary.
      • No specialist tools to join, seals first time, every time.
      • Designed to withstand expansion and contraction in buildings.
      • No soldering or welding needed.
      • Saves up to 75% on your installation time.
      • Easily bent and shaped without tools.

Master reels are especially useful on larger jobs where wasteage can be a problem
All sizes are supplied on A NON REFUNDABLE Master Reel which is 54" High x 32" Wide 

Master Reels are made to order and cannot be cancelled, amended or returned for credit
Delivery can vary from Ex Stock to 3 weeks

Please call our office on 01244 288000 for availability

Tracpipe Guide

Tracpipe Install Guide

BSi Kitemark Satisfies the requirements of BS 6891 for sleeved pipe