Tracpipe Flexible Gas Pipe Coil and Tape Pack

TracPipe Flexible Gas Pipe and Tape Pack

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TracPipe Flexible GasPipe Coil & Fittings Pack

Tracpipe Flexible Gas Pipe Coil & Tape Packs consist of:-
1 length of Tracpipe® flexible semi-rigid gas pipe
A roll of silicone tape

Tracpipe® Flexible Gas Pipe and tape packs are manufactured to specifically replace traditional gas pipeworkin domestic and small commercial installations.
Sometimes called Boiler Replacement Kits - there are actually three types of kits; this kit consists of a length of TracPipe and Silicone Tape

Tracpipe Guide

Tracpipe Install Guide

Benefits to the installer
Tracpipe provides a major benefit over traditional rigid piping methods by significantly reducing installation & labour time
Tracpipe can be bent by hand so no bend joints are required
Light weight compact packs are easy to transport
No threading, welding or hot-work is needed and no special tools are required.
Kits can be used on natural gas or butane gas

TracPipe is BSi Kitemarked to British Standard BS7838 and is suitable for natural gas, propane or butane at working pressures to 75mbar.


BSi KitemarkSatisfies the requirements of BS 6891 for sleeved pipe.