Tracpipe by Omegaflex is

Cost effective

Lower installation costs and faster installation times a typical installation can save up to 75% in time compared to a steel or copper pipe. Finance costs are lower due to greater productivity and less installation days


TracPipe bends and conforms by hand, there are no joints required when used around obstacles or for long runs in commercial premises. The flexibility of the stainless steel pipe means it is better suited to withstand any ground movement or settlement

Tracpipe is Adaptable

As it can be provided in long lengths up to 90metres it can be manoeuvred into tight spaces or overhead installations without joints or having to crawl into inaccessible areas. The Autoflare fittings used for jointing or terminating the gas pipe are a metal to metal seal so there is no gasket tocut orscore. Tracpipe can be buried in screed or concrete

Tracpipe is easy to work with

TracPipe is cut with a standard tube cutter. A reel of Tracpipe is easier to transport to site and can be manoeuvred easily.Other than a pipe cutter, a knife, silicone tape and two spanners, no additional tools are required for installation. No pipe-threading machines means no oil or mess on site, no brazing, soldering or welding is required

Tracpipe is Approved and Kitemarked

BS 7838 Approved and tested by Advantica (originally BG Technology) - BSI Kitemarked