Tracpipe Flexible Gas Pipe Full Coils

We are a leading UK TracPipe supplier.  TracPipe ® is a gas pipe made from flexible stainless steel to BS 7838 suitable for natural gas, propane or butane installations.

BSi Kitemark Satisfies the requirements of BS 6891 for sleeved pipe

TracPipe ® can be used for gas piping systems in houses, flats and apartments, as well as schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings. TracPipe ® is available on long length reels, in seven bore sizes (DN 12,15,22,28,32,40 & 50) and terminates with TracPipe Autoflare Fittings

Bending TracPipe is a feature that contributes to its speed of installation. The recommended and minimum bend radius for general routing is listed in Table 1. Below 

Multiple tight bends can restrict the gas flow and increase overall pressure drop (see Annex B and Annex F). Typical locations requiring tight bends are when passing through walls

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