TracPipe Flexible GasPipe Coil & Compression Fittings Pack

TracPipe Flexible GasPipe Coil and Compression Fittings Pack


Kits consists of a length of TracPipe, Silicone Tape and Two Compression Fittings

Tracpipe Guide

Tracpipe Install Guide

When deciding on the correct size of Tracpipe gas installation pipework, it is recommended practice to allow a maximum design pressure loss between the point of supply and the appliance connection points.

Benefits of Flexible Gas Pipe Include

      • Durable
      • Practical
      • Resistance to leaks
      • Fewer connections to be made
      • Flexibility
      • Fittings only needed at ends of run.
      • Saves made on installation time.
      • Lower labour costs

BSi KitemarkSatisfies the requirements of BS 6891 for sleeved pipe.