TracPipeCC Corrugated Gas Pipe

TracPipeCC (complete containment) Corrugated Gas Pipe

TracPipe®CC™ is different to the already established and recognised TracPipe® in that it has a second polyethylene outer cover over the length of the product.

The second outer cover includes ridges on the internal surface which form interstices between the first and second outer covers. In the unlikely event that a gas escape could occur, the design allows for a passage to be formed and any escaping gas from the stainless steel pipe and first outer cover can move freely along the space formed to a safe and ventilated location at each end of the pipe. There is a pull string positioned between the first and second covers to assist in stripping back the second cover layer without breaching the first.

TracPipeCC uses the same Autoflare fittings as standard TracPipe

TracPipe®CC™ is available in:

DN22, DN28, DN32, DN15, DN40 and DN50 available upon request.

TracPipe® is supplied in reels of 30m, 45m, 55m, 60m, 75m and 90m.

Custom lengths are also available.