TLV T8N Sight Glass

T8N Sight Glass - Sight glass for use up to 16 barg/200 °C. For use on water, air and steam. Ball movement indicates flow status.

Max. Operating Pressure: 1.6 MPaG
Max. Operating Temperature: 200°C
Foruse on water, air or steam
T10N/TF10N designed for large flow rates

TLV T8N Features
Lightweight sight glass for installation at the outlet side of steam traps to monitor trap performance and to check for steam leakage. Also recommended for checking the line flow of air and water. Suitable for small-to-large flow rates.
1. Clear sighting through self-polishing, heat-resistant glass.
2. Ball movement indicates the flowstatus.
3. Model T(F)10N is designed for large flow rates due to through-hole in the partition between inlet and outlet.
4. Compact design saves space.
5. Inline repairable.