TLV SV4421 Full Lift Safety Valve

TLV Full Lift Safety Valve - Full lift spring loaded flange type safety valve with open lifting device. Maximum operating temperature 200 - 400 °C

Available in cast iron, ductile cast  iron or cast steel; to blow off steam, gases or fluids.
1. Approved according to TRD 421, AD-A2 and ASME Sect. VIII Div.1.
2. High blow-off capacity.
3. Stable operation, even under adverse piping conditions.
4. Spring-loaded, direct-actiondesign.
5. Valve seat and disc are extremely wear resistant.
6. Precision disc alignment and guide.
7. Contains no asbestos or copper-alloys.
8. Options:
- Back pressure-compensating bellows
- Elastomer-bellows
- Disc with soft seal
- Drain hole