TLV Reducing Valve S-COS-16 Brass Screwed BSP

S-COS-16 (BC6) Screwed BSP - Multi-purpose pressure reducing valve for use on low pressures up to a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.

Max. Operating Pressure: 1.6 MPaG
Max. Operating Temperature: 220°C
Body: Bronze

TLV S-COS-16 Features
1. Self-aligning shock-absorbing spherical piston and advanced pilot regulator designs maintain secondary steam pressure accuracy, even during adverse process conditions.
2. Major internal components made of stainless steel for long service life.
3. Large surface area integral screen for pilot valve extends trouble-free service.
4. Internal secondary pressure-sensing channel makes external sensing lines unnecessary.
5. SCOS-16 has a built-in separator, with condensate separation efficiency as high as 98%, a self-modulating free float steam trap and a large screen to protect the main valve.