TLV Float Traps

TLV Float Traps. Free float steam traps, which offer continuous discharge, are optimal for processes. Models for use on low pressure up to 21 bar


Improved Efficiency of Heating Equipment
The Free Float® rises and sinks as the flow of condensate fluctuates, opening the valve to discharge condensate and closing off the valve when steam enters.
The built-in X-element (model names including 'X') functions as an air vent, discharging both cool and hot air.
As a result, the steam chamber inside the equipment contains only steam, which allows the equipment to achieve optimized heating performance.
The built-in bimetal (model names including 'B') functions as an air vent, discharging initial cold air for rapid start-up.

Long Service Life, Excellent Durability
The spherical Free Float® rotates during operation, allowing any point on its surface to act as the valve seal and thus ensuring long service life.
'Fail Open' Design: The X-element is designed to fail open so that the valve remains open even in the event of failure.

Also for Use on Mid/High-Pressure Main Lines
The JH7 series employs the same 3-point seating construction found in products for use on main lines.
The float is held tightly against the valve opening even under small condensate loads such as in superheated steam lines, so no steam is allowed to escape.