TLV CKF3M Check Valve

CKF3M Check Valve - Coil spring, disc type check valve. Between flanges, wafer type.

Max. Operating Pressure: 1.6/3.0 MPaG
Max. Operating Temperature: 150/350°C

All stainless steel, compactcheck valve for steam, air and water.
1. Fine-machined metal or fluorine rubber valve seat provides tight closure.
2. Stainless steel body and internal parts ensure long service life.
3. Performance assured with installation in either horizontal or vertical pipelines.
4. Can be simply installed between all major flange types without measuring instruments, concentric due to its unique body shape.
5. Easy repair and maintenance possible.

Appropriate Fluids Steam, Water - * Do not use for toxic, flammable, or otherwise hazardous fluids