Spirax Sarco Steam Traps

Spirax Sarco Steam Traps

- Spirax Sarco Ball Float Steam Traps FTGS14

- Spirax Sarco Ball Float Steam Traps FT14

- Spirax Sarco Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Condensate in the system can lead to a number of issues :
- Poor heat transfer
- Permanant amage to system and process equipment
- Poor quality production or waste

Selecting the right steam trap can help to solve and avoid these problems. 
The correct trap also allows the condensate to be recovered at the same time.

Benefits include:-
• Thermodynamic traps are not affected by vibration or water hammer.
• Hardened disc and seat for long life.
• Positive condensate discharge with sealed shut-off.
• Condensate discharges at near close to steam temperature.
• A single moving disc gives reliable operation and minimal maintenance.
• Compact and light weight.
• Single trap can perform at a range of operating pressures.
• Excellent Insulation for low ambient temperature or wet environments.
• Thermodynamic traps can be used on high pressure and superheated steam.