Spirax Sarco Ball Valves

Spirax Sarco Ball Valves in Brass, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

Manufactured to high specification providing reliable tight shut-off and less maintenance.
• Wide range of sizes, materials and body design option providing a suitable model for most applications.
• Precision design providing compact valves.
• Quarter turn on/off ensuring easy operation and maintenance.
• ISO mounting models which are quick and easy to automate.
• Low torque valves with smaller actuators for automation.
• Unrestricted flow allowing low pressure drop and high capacity.
• Corrosion resistant bodies ensuring long life

Ball valves are a cost effective, fast-acting isolation solution. Requiring only a quarter turn, operation of the valve is easy and the straightforward flow path reduces pressure drop, making ball valves ideal for steam, condensate, gas and other process media applications. Spirax Sarco offers a comprehensive range of high performance, low cost ball valves for safe, effective shut-off. 
Spirax Sarco provide a choice of body design, materials, connections, seals and options, plus specialty valves, all segmented for ease of selection to suit your requirements