Spirax Sarco Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Traps BPT13

The BPT13 is a readily maintainable brass bodied, balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap.
Available with Angles or Straight configuration.

The standard trap is designated BPT13A and has angled connections.

Available types

BPT13A Angled connections (standard trap)
BPT13AX Angled connections with strainer screen
BPT13S Straight connections
BPT13SX Straight connections with strainer screen
BPT13UA Angled connections, union inlet
BPT13UAX Angled connections, union inlet with strainer screen
BPT13US Straight connections, union inlet
BPT13USX Straight connections, union inlet with strainer screen

Capsule fill and operation - When placing an order always state the capsule fill:
Standard capsule - Is marked with 'STD' for operation at approximately 12°C below steam saturation temperature.
Optionally - The capsule can be supplied for sub-cooled 'SUB' operation at approximately 24°C below steam saturation temperature.
For critical applications the 'NTS' fill capsule should be selected which operates at approximately 4°C below steam saturation temperature.

Standards: This product fully complies with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.