Spirax Sarco Air Vent AE30 and VB Vacuum Breaker

Spirax Sarco AE30 & AE30C Air Vents

The AE30 range of automatic air eliminators/air and gas vents are designed for use on liquid installations. The body and the cap are made from a special brass alloy, which is dezincification resistant (DZR).

The xxx air vents can be used on both hot and cold liquid services. Typical applications are cold water lines, suction lines to pumps, mixing tanks, condensate return lines, cooling water lines on air compressors, and water storage tanks.

This product can be maintained without disturbing the inlet piping connection. Complete isolation is required before any servicing is performed.

For use on hot and cold water installations.

The AE30 A is fitted with a check valve.
The AE30C is fitted with both check valve and lockshield valve.
VB14 & 21 Vacuum Breaker