Solder Ring Boiler Blow off Cowl

Solder Ring Boiler Blow off Cowl

Only one soldered connection to make.

Just solder the cowl onto a short length of copper pipe and push through a pre-drilled hole in the brickwork. From the inside simply pull inwards until the cowl is a loose fit against the brickwork and cut to length.

There's no fabrication required outside, particularly useful at higher levels.

The new Pipe Cowl is manufactured to EN 1254 and fully complies with all current legislation. 

It has passed the stringent requirements and also conforms to the requirements of the NHBC.

Architects choose the Pipe Cowl because it has a neat installed finish that is guaranteed to be consistent on every installation. It is unobtrusive and does not offend the look of the building or create an obstruction, no matter where it is fitted.


Pipe Cowl  Length   Cowl Dia 





 55mm 40mm