Snaplock Polypropylene Couplings

Polypropylene Couplings are manufactured from acid resistant 20% glass reinforced Polypropylene. Max temperature for Polypropylene is 160°F.

Polypropylene camlock fittings are cost-effective when compared to metal fittings. They are very durable, able to handle harsh. They are not as durable as metal fittings. Polypropylene camlocks are used in agriculture and industrial applications.

Seal Materials
The standard coupling is supplied with a BUNA Nitrile seal. The following materials are also readilly available
EPDM  -  Viton - Neoprene Black - Teflon Buna & Teflon Viton

Straight through, leak-proof cam and groove coupling connections.

  • No tools required to connect.

  • Available in Aluminium, Brass, 316 Stainless Steel and in Polyglass.

  • 1/2” to 6” sizes in Alumunium/Brass & Stainless Steel.

  • 1/2” to 4” sizes in Polyglass.

  • Branded product made from our own tooling.

  • Heat marked fully traceable on Stainless Steel Cam and Groove Couplings.

  • All 1/2” couplers have two handles as standard.

  • BSP or NPTthreads.

  • Working pressures up to 250 PSI (18 bar).

Camlock adaptors are available in the following types.

Type:                 Connection

  • A:                       male adaptor with a female thread

  • B:                       female couplings with a male thread

  • C:                       couplings with a hose tail

  • D:                      couplings with a female thread

  • E:                       adaptor with a hose tail

  • F:                       adaptor with a male thread

  • DC:                    dust cap for adapters

  • DP:                    dust plug for couplings