Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting systems installed above or below ground in domestic or commercial premises allow the collection, filtration, storage, and distribution of water to the garden for irrigation, power washing and outdoor use. More sophisticated grey water systems can be used to supply garden taps, flushing toilets & washing machine supply.

Rainwater accessories such as filters and syphons can be used to stop any stored any recycled water turning brackish and prevent the accumulation of sediment in storage tanks, taps and hoses. Rainwater Pumps are specifically designed for rainwater distribution maintain good pressure throughout the syatem..

Usually a complete domestic grey water system is installed in a new-build properties, but a system can be added to existing premises providing it is thought through carefully.

The specifiction of a rainwater harvesting sytem system depends on many parameters, some of the important factors to consider are: the size of premises, roof area, the type of overflow connection, distance to the holding tank, distance to the furthest water outlet, occupancy of the premises, the number and type of appliances to be serviced.