Primofit Gas & Water Fittings

PRIMOFIT is a compression fitting made of malleable cast iron, which offers full end load capability. Additionally it allows an angular deviation of the connected pipes up to 3° per compression joint.

It is available with black or hot dip galvanized surface.

PRIMOFIT is suitable for the connection of steel pipes, PE pipes, lead pipes and special steel pipes.

Commonly used on GAS, Water, Oil & Compressed Air applications subject to correct seal selection and appropriate pressure and temperature consideration

Materials: White heart malleable cast iron (EN-GJMW-400-5)

Seals: NBR for GAS & Potable Water,  EPDM for Potable Water, FPM for Fuels, Hot Water & agressive applications

Dimension range: DN10-DN80

Jointing technology: Compression joints, BSP threads (ISO/EN)

Operating pressure: Up to 16 bar

Operating temperature: -20°C  to  +105°C

Primofit Gas Fittings - PRIMOFIT is a cost effective method of jointing steel to steel or steel to polyethylene pipe which features the unique PRIMOFIT Locking Ring.
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