Primofit Gas & Water Fittings

Primofit Gas and Water Fittings

Primofit compression joints are a low cost small compact fitting.

These compression fittings are manufactured from malleable cast iron are pre-assembled, and once assembled the joint can be loosened. Two compression fittings assembled together form a joint with a maximum of 6 degrees of deflection. The preparation of the pipe is minimal and dismantling of the joint is not needed as each fitting is of a push in/push out type. The pipe does not require fixing into any joints. 

Each primofit fitting comes with either a galvanised or black finish and the fittings can be protected by cathodic corrosion protection and potential equalisation. They can be used as a transition fitting between different materials such as steel to lead pipe.Primarily used for gas, water, heating applications and compressed air.

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