The temperature of water required in Polyplumb Underfloor Heating systems is less than that required for radiators or stored hot water. If these other services are connected to the same boiler it will be necessary to control the water temperature using one of the Polypipe water temperature control units.

Modulating pumps
The inclusion of a modulating pump ensures that the flow to the under floor heating circuits is automatically adjusted to allow for the opening and closing of actuators when individual room temperature is required. The unit is suitable for manifolds demanding up to 15kW heat load. The temperature of the water is set using the pilot pin on the hand wheel. When the pilot pin is flush with the hand wheel the temperature is set to 55°C. Each click to + or - increases or decreases the temperature by 1°C. The modulating pump unit is fitted directly to the manifold at either end by turning the pump through 180°. An additional zone valve is required when using a modulating pump unit supplied by other manufacturers.

Image of zonal regulating unit

Floor heating control pack
Polypipe Underfloor Heating Control Pack maintains a consistent water temperature in your underfloor system, usually set between 30c and 60c.
The pump packs are fully compliant with EUP regulations and have an EEI {Energy Efficiency Index} of less than 0.23.

Normally each pack includes:
New EEI compliant pump
Mixer Valve
Bend and Adaptor Kit

Zonal Regulating Unit
The ZRU simply connects to the existing heating system and provides:
Water temperature control from 30°C to 60°C
The correct flow rate for the system
Automatically switches the built in thermostat on and off
A wiring connection for a room thermostat or a wireless sensor
Can operate the underfloor heated room independent of the existing heating system

Image of zonal regulating unit

NOTE: The valves shown on this diagram are purchased separately and not supplied with the unit.

Manifold bends
The water temperature control packs can be fitted at 90° to the manifold using the manifold bends. This allows manifolds and pump units to be corner mounted where space is at a premium, e.g. in an understairs cupboard.

Image of manifold bends

Polyplumb Underfloor Heating - Maintaining Water Temperature