Polyplumb Underfloor Heating Pipe

Polyplumb Underfloor Heating Pipe

There are three types of Polyplumb underfloor heating pipe to choose from.

Grey Plumbing and Heating Pipe:
BS 7291 Class S. Manufactured from polybutylene and to the highest possible standard this pipe is suitable for use in both underfloor heating and radiator central heating systems.
Available in 25 metre to 300 metre coils and 3 and 6 metre rigid lengths.
The pipe also incorporates an oxygen diffusion barrier so as to prevent the ingress of any oxygen in to the system. An added cost saving advantage of using this particular pipe is that any remaining coil lengths or off cuts can also be used for the installation of the domestic hot and cold (potable) water services


Ultra-Flexible Underfloor Heating Pipe:
BS EN15876. Designed for use in underfloor heating systems only.
This ultra-flexible polybutylene barrier pipe lends itself perfectly to systems where ease of handling is essential such as in solid floor pipe staple systems or fit from below installations


How to Install Polypipe Underfloor Heating Pipe (pdf)

Metal Composite Pipe (MCP):
BS EN21003. For those who prefer a more formable characteristic to lying pipe we have introduced our 16mm MCP pipe range.
Manufactured from raised temperature polyethylene (PE-RT) and incorporating an aluminium inner barrier layer this pipe is designed for use in underfloor heating systems only.
This pipe has a practical application in rail and staple solid floor type installation.