Polyplumb Staple Solid Floor Underfloor Heating Room Packs

Polyplumb Staple Solid Floor Underfloor Heating Room Packs.

Polypipe underfloor heating systems can be used with the following solid floor constructions:

  • Sand and cement screed (4:1 mix)

  • Pumped screed systems (anhydrite, etc.)

  • Fine or heavy concrete

  • Polymer modified screed

This in floor system fits directly onto the insulation layer making it one of the most cost effective installation types.
Each heating pack contains a selection of Edge Insulation, Manifold, Isolation Valves, Pump Pack, Conduit Pipe Coils and Pipe stiffeners & staples.
As a major Polypipe supplier we can advise you on design layouts and product requirements.
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Polypipe Staple System Underfloor Heating system uses staples to fasten the heating pipe to an insulation panel.
Screed is poured over the top of the installation after testing.