A comprehensive range of room temperature control products are available to complement Polyplumb Underfloor Heating systems. Designed specifically to maximise both comfort and efficiency, the unique programming functions provide the perfect control solution for under floor heating systems.

Controlling under floor heating
The control of under floor heating systems is different to that of conventional radiator systems, as the space should not be allowed to cool completely during the heating season. The temperature during unoccupied or night time periods shouldfall to around 4°C lower than the occupied temperature. This lower temperature setting is known as the set-back temperature, e.g. occupied temperature 21°C, set-back temperature 17°C.

Control Setup
In general an underfloor heating systems control setup will have - room thermostats, a master wiring centre, slave units, used for multiple room control, zone valve and actuators.
Polyplumb Manifolds and Controls are common to all Polyplumb underfloor heating systems.

Individual room control
Polypipe under floor heating controls allow each room to be both time and temperature controlled via the use of a programmable room thermostat. Each thermostat is wiredback to a master wiring centre and slave unit, which in turns operates the relevant manifold actuator/s, the under floor heating pump, and the two-port zone valve. The master wiring centre is also capable of providing either a 230V or a Volt free switched live supply to signal the boiler.

Schematic switching diagram - relays not shown

Image of switching schematics

As individual rooms reach their set point temperature or when the system is operating in ‘set back’ mode the master wiring centre will de-energise the pump and zone valve and the signal to the boiler will be cut, ensuring that maximum comfort levels andsystem efficiencies are achieved and maintained at all times.The number of control zones you require will depend on the number of rooms you wish to control individually.

The 4, 6 and 8 zone packs describe the number of areas you wishto control, not necessarily the number of circuits you are supplying from that manifold.
To optimise the use of each control pack you will need to understand the following guidelines: -

The 4 zone pack contains 4 room thermostats;
the6 zone pack contains 6 room thermostats;
and the 8 zone pack contains 8 room thermostats

- Each room thermostat can control 1 zone and up to 4 actuators
- Rooms over 40m2 should be allocated as 2 zones and have 2 room thermostats
- An actuator is required on each circuit that requires control

Image of electrical protection

Polyplumb Room Temperature Control Guide