Polypipe Overlay Underfloor Heating

Polypipe Overlay Underfloor Heating Systems

Polypipe Overlay System

Polypipe Overlay is a warm water under floor heating system suitable for both new build and retrofit underfloor heating renovation projects.

The Overlay panels from Polypipe Underfloor Heating are installed over the existing floor and when laid add only 18mm in height to the floor. As an overlay can be installed over an existing floor it is much more suited for renovation where excavation or new flooring would be needed to install a Solid Floor system.

Polypipe Underfloor Heating Low Profile Overlay Systems

The Polypipe Overlay system comes in 2 different panel types which allow for installation to all build types and coverings.

Overlay system panel is a fibrous used for heavyweight floor coverings such as ceramics, or where the floor covering needs to be secured directly to the panel, e.g. solid wood.

Polypipe Overlay uses a 12mm pipe separated at 150mm pipe centres, which provides even heat output and excellent response times when compared to traditional systems. This makes them an ideal addition instead of traditional heating systems or as a low temperature renewable system.

Design Note: Full Polypipe Overlay Panels are 600mm wide and when required, need two Overlay End Returns which are 300mm wide. Depending on your room layout you may require additional End Returns. As a major Polypipe supplier, we can advise you on design layouts and product requirements.

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