Polypipe Overlay Lite House Packs 30m

Polypipe 3 and 4 zone house packs to cover 30 square metres or 18 x 18 feet. Use for lightweight floor coverings, such as laminate, engineered wood and carpet.

A typical underfloor heating system is generally split into zones, each zone representing one room. A zone can be a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom etc.
Each zone is controlled by a thermostat located within the room that increases or decreases the heat output from the heating system.
So a fourzone system can have up to four rooms, for larger rooms two or more zones can be allocated.

As a major Polypipe supplier we can advise you on design layouts and product requirements.

Each heating pack contains a selection of Overlay Lite Panels, Overlay Adhesive, Overlay End Returns, Manifold, Isolation Valves, Pump Pack, Overlay Pipe Coils and Pipe Adaptors.

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