Polyplumb Overlay Lite 15 Floor Panels. Uses 15mm floor panels for larger floor areas
Designed to accept 15mm Ultra Flex Underfloor heating Pipe

OverlayTM  Lite 15 is a slightly deeper profile which can be used on top of a supporting floor as a low profile alternative to floating floor.
The system delivers the same responsive heat but is configured to be more suitable for larger ‘whole house’ projects.

Features & Benefits of using the OverlayTM Lite 15 system:

  • Low profile system (22mm deep)
  • Uses 15mm pipe so uses fewer circuits
  • No need to excavate existing floor
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for multiple floor coverings
  • Lightweight pre-grooved boards
  • Ideal for whole house applications
  • Fast response times

Optimal floor coverings:

  • Laminate
  • Engineered Wood
  • Carpet

Key Design Information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temperature     Approx. 65W/m²
Recommended design flow temperatures                       45-50?
Maximum circuit length                                                100m (15mm pipe)
Maximum coverage per circuit                                       20m² at 200mm pipe spacing
Dimensions                                                                Floor Panel: 1200mm x 800mm x 22mm
End Returns:                                                              800mm x 300mm x 22mm

Material Requirements (Approx.)

Overlay™ Lite 15 Floor Panel                                        Coverage 0.96m²
Pipe                                                                           4.5m length/m²
End returns                                                                0.5 x end return per floor panel
15mm x 100m coil of pipe                                            1 coil per circuit

Polyplumb Overlay Lite 15 Floor Panels