Polyplumb Modular Underfloor Heating Installation Guide

Pre-installation requirements
Before installing MHP panels ensure you have planned out the positioning of the required panels avoiding all other services such as electrics, gas and water supply. You will not need to do any specific preparation for the installation in a new build property as there will be no ceilings or floors in place.

For existing room refurbishment, you will need to take up your floor if fitting from above or take down the ceiling if fitting from below. Ensure that the area where the MHP panels are to be positioned is free from any debris before commencing installation
Installation from above
To install Polyplumb Underfloor Heating MHP panels from above simply fit support bearers to each side of the joists. These support bearers should be positioned 30mm from the top of the joist and the MHP panel is then simply laid on to these supports.

Modular heating panel from above

Installation from below
When installing MHP panels from below you will need to mark out the positioning of the panels to ensure you have them situated in the correct places for heating the room above. Once you have checked the marked out positioning the MHP panels can be slotted in to place and fixed to the underside of the floor using1 3/4" x 8 woodscrews with M6 x 30dia washers. It is advisable to use 6 fixings per panel ensuring you avoid the moulded pipe marking on the underside of the panel and fix each panel securely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Polystyrene can cause deterioration to cable insulation when it comes into direct contact with it. Always ensure that electrical cables are not in physical contact with the MHP panels using tape or a polythene strip.

Modular heating panel from below

Once you have connected your system up to the manifold and tested it you can then finish the room by fitting the floor or ceiling in the normal way depending on whether you have installed MHP from above or below.
Where possible installations should be tested at 20°C to18 bar pressure. Any installations once connected to the manifold have a maximum test pressure of 6 bar.