Polyplumb Overlay Lite is a unique low profile floor heating system ideal for both renovation and new build projects.

Installed over the existing floor and only 18mm in depth, Overlay allows floor heating to be installed wheretraditional under floor systems would either require expensive excavation or would require the floor to be raised to an unacceptable level.
The Overlay system is available in 2 panel types to allow for installation to all build types and floor coverings.
Overlay Lite is a high compressive strength, lightweight insulated panel used for lightweight floor coverings, e.g. laminate, engineered wood and carpet. Due to its ease of handling and cutting it is alsomore suitable for larger areas and multiple room installations.
Connect a single room under floor heating pack to your existing heating system (pdf)

Design Note: Please plan carefully when designing the layout for your project. Each full Overlay Panel is 600mm wide and where required, needs two Overlay end returns that are 300mm wide. You may require additional end returns depending on your room layout.
As a major Polypipe supplier we can advise you on design layouts and product requirements.
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Each heating pack contains a selection of Overlay Lite Panels, Overlay Adhesive, Overlay End Returns, Manifold, Isolation Valves, Pump Pack, Overlay Pipe Coils and Pipe Adaptors.
Polyplumb Overlay Lite Room Packs