Polyplumb Overlay House Packs

Usually installed in new build or renovation where a floor requires excavation – Polypipe Underfloor Heating offers three systems for solid or screeded floors: the unique Polypipe Red Floor Panel system which ensures accurate installation and positioning, and also the more traditional rail and staple systems.

For optimum performance, Polypipe has the perfect solution for installing underfloor heating into solid or screeded floors. Utilising our unique lightweight plastic floor panels, which are quick and easy to cut to size, it is possible to fit Polypipe Underfloor Heating into any shaped room.

The lightweight plastic floor panels also nest for easy storage and carrying. Polypipe Red Floor Panels form a simple grid to ensure the fastest possible pipe laying and also provide a precise guide for the pipe, ensuring that the minimum pipe bending radius is achieved.

The panels are laid above pre-installed insulation and the system includes edge expansion strip to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Overlay Information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temp. 91W/m² at 100mm pipe spacing
Maximum circuit length 50?
Maximum coverage per circuit 100m
Pipe 8.2m/m² at 100mm centres
Floor panel usage 1 panel/m² allowing for cutting (Actual 1.2m²/panel)
Clip rail usage N/A
Fixings N/A
Staple usage N/A
Edge expansion strip 1.1m/m²
Conduit Pipe 2m/circuit
Product dimensions 1.2m x 1m

Overlay House Packs are part of the Polyplumb Overlay Underfloor Heating System

Installed over the existing floor using only 18mm in depth, Overlay allows floor heating to be installed where traditional underfloor systems would either require expensive excavation or would require the floor to be raised to an unacceptable level.
Overlay is a dense fibrous panel used for heavyweight floor coverings such as ceramics and solid wood which can both be fitted and secured directly to the panels.

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