Pipe Hangers and Brackets Clips & Fixings


Pipe hangers, pipe clamps and brackets are sometimes referred to as pipe supports or pipe fixings. They are simple support fittings that allow pipes or conduit to be suspended and held in place. The fittings are designed to support the pipe horizontally or vertically and they can be placed on any secure surface capable of holding the pipes weight. All pipes should be fixed securely while allowing a small space for expansion & movement.

For heavy loads: to maintain the structure of any pipe installation it is important that the right category of pipe clamp and support is used. Pipe hangers and brackets have huge variations in design and they range from simple traditional fixed anchors to rail installations designed to allow the pipe to flex, avoiding pipe damage or stress.

For light loads: plastic clamps are mainly used on domestic plastic or copper pipes. They are generally used internally for smaller diameter pipes and for jobs where lots of fixings are required. These types of fixings are used when quick installation times are required. Plastic clamps, such as the Mupro range are now being manufactured for ultra-fast installation. You can simply fix the pipe in place without any additional fixings, you can install these pipe clamps very quickly as they are a single screw clamp that require no other tools than a screwdriver.

For building purposes, fixing accessories such as these should comply to British Standard BS 1494-1 (Specification for fixing accessories)

Hangers, Fixings and Brackets are generally manufactured from the following materials …

  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised - Malleable Iron
  • Mild Steel
  • PVC
  • Copper
  • ABS

We maintain large stocks of pipe supports and fittings from Mupro, Crane, Greenaway, Flamco and Unistrut.